異文化理解 日本紹介 1月 デイビッド・セインのデイリースピーキング 覚書 


年賀状 new year cards


This is the place where I work as a volunteer.  Today we went around to a lot of tourist spots,So Please take a rest here for a while.


Here’s my desk, sorry it’s a bit messy.


what are those postcards on your desk.there are quite a lot of them.

これは年賀状 新年のグリーティングカードよ 友人や知人、職場の人に送りあうのよ

Yeah, these are nengajo, new year’s greeting card. Friends acquaintances and coworkers send them to each other’s home’s and offices.


Wow, this person handwrote the entire card.

最近は 多くの人は年賀状はEメールで送るわ この人のように手書きで描く人はますます少なくなっているわ。でもこのカードをもらった人は喜ぶと思うわ。

Recently a lot of people send new year’s cards by e-mail.

there are fewer and fewer people who handwrite new year’s cards like this one.

But I think the people who receive this card will be happy.


I send about 100 every year.

そんなにたくさん? わたしだったらEメールで送るな

That much? If I were you, I’d just send an email greeting.


I always try to send cards to the important people in my life,

those who help me out at work and those I can’t often meet but want to keep in touch with. You only  get one chance a year to send cards to some people , so it’s important custom.

成人式 coming-of-age ceremony


Today is coming of age day, so you can see a lot of young people heading to their ceremonies.


I can hardly believe that  I too used to be 20 years old.


I know the feeling.


Did you attend the local ceremony too?


No, I didn’t. I kind of regret it now.


Speaking of which, It seems they might lower the age of adulthood in Japan, How old is it in United States?

アメリカでは州によって年齢が異なるわ 世界ではその他の国では18歳が多いと思う

In the United states, the age of majority varies according to each state.

In the rest of the world, I think 18 is the most common.

そうね、最近は成熟するのが早いから 私は18に下げてもいいと思う。

you’re right.Kids mature so fast these days,

so I think it would be ok to lower it to 18.

私 日本の成人式ってちょっと騒ぎすぎだと思うの。(懸念しているの)

I’m a little wary of  ‘coming of age ceremony’ in Japan.


I feel like people see it more as a festival.


By the way, Do they have coming of age ceremonies in other countries?


I wonder.


At lease, Ive never heard of another country with a big coming of age ceremonies that Japan has.


That’s what I thought.

式の後の新成人の大騒ぎ が社会的問題になっているのよ。 社会現象 social phenomenon

New adults running wild after the ceremony is also  becoming a sort of social phenomenon in Japan.


Authorities should rethink the way they organize these events.


すごい人の数ですね、 Look at all the people!

そうだね、日曜日だから平日よりもいつも混んでいるよ, で、ここで買いたいものはなにかある?

right? Sundays are always more crowded than weekdays.

So, Is there anything you’d like to buy here?

うん、あるんだ 電化製品をチェックしたい、すべてのお店を歩いて回りたいくらいです。

Actually there is. I’d like to check out the electric products. I’d love to visit every store here.


You’ll also find a lot of second-hand-stores here. Im thinking of buying a  laptop to use at home.


I’d like to take a look at single lens cameras too.


Cameras? sounds good.I’ll go with you.



I read in a book there are more than 110000. But some people believe the number is even higher.

それはとても多いね That’s a really large number of names.


During the Edo period,only the warrior class and certain merchants and famers had official names. Commoners were not allowed to use a last name, even if they had one.That sounds like a horrible system.


It was a feudal society. From the Meiji period,having a family name became mandatory,so a lot of people took their name from the area where they lived.
That may be why we have so many family names in Japan.


I often here the names Sato and Suzuki , what other  names are common in Japan ?
Other names like Takahashi,Yamamoto,and Ito are also really common.True,there are a lot of people with those names in our company.

江戸時代、名字を持っていなかった庶民は下の名前で呼び合ってました。その点では当時 日本はアメリカに似ていましたね。

During the Edo period,people without a family name called each other by their first name,In that way Japan was more like Amerika at that time.



did you go back to France during the  new year holidays?

いえ、東京で過ごしていました 今年は。日本で はじめての新年でした。はじめて新年を迎えました。

No, this year I stayed in Tokyo . It was my first new year’s in Japan.

どこの神社へ行きましたか  妻と私はーーーへ行きました。

Which shrine did you visit? My wife and I went to tsurugaoka hachimangu.

明治ーーへ行きました。大勢の人(参拝客 祈る人)で、すごかったです。

I went to Meiji jingu shrine. It was incredible how many people ware there to pray.


Everyone in Japan does visit a shrine in the new year holidays ,don’t they?

この頃は ほとんどが年配の人で。

Most of them are elderly people nowadays.

若い人は減っている、(もうこの伝統に あんまり従わなくなってきているらしい) It seems that-

It seems that younger people don’t follow this tradition so much anymore.

僕は日本の正月が好き。特に それにまつわる 独特な伝統。

I like new year’s in Japan. particularly all the special traditions that go with it.

初詣、年賀状、おせち料理、初売り袋(ラッキーバッグ)、  楽しいことがたくさんありますね

The first visit to shrine,New year  cards, osechi dishes,

the lucky bags that go on sale  on the first opening day. there are a lot of fun.



Please make sure you try some New Year’s osechi dishes, It looks gorgeous,doesn’t it?


This is my first time to try osechi dishes since coming to Japan.


But tell me, Is it true that each osechi dish has a specific meaning?

specific 特定の 具体的な


For example, herring or salmon roe are supposed to help you get pregnant.  herring ニシン  salmon roe いくら


The mix of boiled and mashed chestnuts is like a prayer for prosperity.

It must have taken you a long time to prepare  all this food.

well, actually, I do this every year, so I’m used to it now.

Thanks to her efforts,we live in complete luxury for the first three days of the year.

Do you think you could teach me how to make osechi dishes?

Of course, first you should know that the dishes vary from place to place in Japan.

I see, well, in any case, I’m not sure I could ever achieve such splendid results.

splendid 華麗な、 輝かしい、りっぱな、見事な

Why don’t we start with some of the most basic dishes?

難しくないってわかるわ 一度コツをつかんだら、

You’ll see it’s not that difficult once you get the hang of it.

get the hang of  こつを掴む


You are starting to look like a real cooking instructor!